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Drusilla and Her Dolls
by Belle Bacon Bond

Drusilla and her Dolls

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Celebrating Drusilla!

(A lighthearted look at people, places and things {real and fictitious} named Drusilla through the ages!)

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Welcome to Everything Drusilla!
Celebrating Drusillas in Fact and Fancy

Heartless children on playgrounds call us "Dracula." Computer spell checkers want to change our name to "Drowsily." Well meaning strangers call us "Priscilla," "Drizella," or "Dru.""

Names have power. In some cultures, you don't even have a soul until you have a name. Drusillas search in vain through kiosks selling miniature license plates and commemorative mugs for one that says "Drusilla."

Everything Drusilla is proud to introduce you to the fascinating world of Drusillas in fact and fancy. We're African-American and Caucasian, Native American and Polynesian, we're even Japanese. Many of us are writers, most of us are adventurous, and we all have killer smiles!

If you are a Drusilla, or know of one, please write. We're learning more about Drusillas every day and would very much value your input. . Contact Drusilla.net