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Drusilla Defined:

In Latin, Drusilla means "Descendant of Druses." Druses was "The Strong One," a Roman warrior who killed the Gallic chieftain Drausus in combat.

In Greek, Drusilla means "Watered by the Dew."
Source: Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary

Drusilla in Antiquity:

Historically, Drusillas are a mixed bag. We’ve endowed charities, founded orphanages and furnished dowries for poor brides. At the same time, we’ve forced men to get circumcised, married our cousins, made love with our brothers, murdered our sisters, and poisoned our offspring in pursuit of power.

The earliest Drusilla on record was born in 58 BC to a rich and powerful Roman family. At 15, she married her cousin and had a son. Three years later, while pregnant with her second son, she got a better offer, divorced her cousin and remarried the heir apparent to the Roman throne.

In the New World:

In sharp contrast to their Roman forebears, Drusillas in the New World were fiercely protective of their families, and deeply spiritual. They raised sheep, spun wool, and wove cloth to make their families’ clothes.

Drusillas valued education and built schools, valued reading and instilled in their children a love of literature, valued writing and chronicled their lives. Courageous adventurers, Drusillas journeyed into the unknown on Conestoga wagons and became part of how the West was won!

In Literature:

The most famous poem of the Italian High Renaissance is Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto. Published in 1516, Drusilla is the virtuous wife who first avenges her husband's death and then, nobly, dies herself.

More recent Drusillas appear in diverse literary guises including Innocent Child, Adorable Witch, Stern Dowager, and Disney Duck. In The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Drusilla used chemical weapons to strip the jungle and in The Waltons, a car skidded off an icy road into Drusilla’s Pond. More recently, Drusilla enjoyed immense popularity in seasons two and five of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Drusilla Today:

There are almost 3000 Drusillas in the United States, and many more around the world. We’re artists and scientists, warriors and athletes, theologians, teachers and philanthropists. We’re photographers, musicians, authors, and painters. We make dolls, direct plays, clean high schools, interview superstars, and style hair. We are prolific writers, computer programmers, nutritionists, anthropologists, psychologists, endocrinologists, and optometrists. We serve in the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force. We manage banks, we’re customs agents, and we can defend you in a court of law. .

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Drusilla Déjà began this labor of love in 2001. The research that has gone into Everything Drusilla would have been impossible pre-internet. Drusilla is active in the Episcopal Church and strives to live with love and service to all. She enjoys writing and is passionate about her children and the theater. Drusilla is an award-winning director and can, occasionally, be persuaded to perform. Drusilla, Demi and Jack live aboard their yacht, Arcadia (as in Tom Stoppard's play), in San Diego.

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