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Hardcover w/ dustjacket, 58 pages
Originally published in 1921, republished June 2003
Category: Journals/Biographies (Children's)
Era: Civil War

Belle Bacon Bond was already a grandmother by the time Drusilla and Her Dolls was published. An autobiography, the charming story chronicles the author's formative childhood years. To the best of my knowledge, no one knows why she happened to call her childhood self "Drusilla." Indeed, her own name was Isabella, not Belle at all. Perhaps she was too modest to use her own name; perhaps "Belle and Her Dolls" just didn't have the proper "ring."

In any case, children love this enchanting tale of a little girl growing up in the 1860s. An only child, Drusilla makes playfellows of her doll collection. Discerning readers have noted that Drusilla and Her Dolls is also a loving tribute to the author's mother—a woman wise enough to honor the sacred spaces of childhood and the holy spirit of her child's originality.

Mrs. Bond's gentle recounting of her childhood adventures with Frank Bowker, Flora Washington, and the rest of her doll family has entranced five generations of mothers and children alike. Now, this republication makes it available for many generations to come.