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Drusillas search in vain through kiosks selling miniature license plates and commemorative mugs for one that says "Drusilla." People named "Leslie," or "Ashley," or "Jack" can’t begin to understand our frustration. Well search no more. Everything Drusilla is pleased to make available a fine line of Drusilla merchandise including mugs, totes, calendars, coasters, lunch boxes, bumper stickers, tile boxes, greeting cards, postcards, mouse pads, stickers and other "Drusilla-belia."

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Celebrating Drusilla
By Drusilla Déjà (Coming Soon!)
Drusilla and Her Dolls
By Belle Bacon Bond

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Second Season

Books by Drusillas
1000 Patterns:
Design Through the Centuries

By Drusilla Cole
1000 Patterns: Design Through the Centuries
An Introduction to the Shoshoni Language
Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire
Everyman Revived: The Common Sense of Michael Polanyi
Peakcock Ore
Bacterial Protein Toxins
The You Guide to Modern Dilemmas
Drusilla the Lucky Duck
Drusilla's Downfall